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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to New Pixels Events Photography, one of the UK leaders in sports photography and events photography. The following terms and conditions apply to the use of our webite and service. Please read them carefully.


1. Your Use of Our Photographs.

You can purchase the photographs featured on our website in the form of photographic print, gifts or downloadable images. You may not reproduce, display, transmit, distribute or otherwise exploit any of the prints, images or products in any portion thereof, in any manner, including, without limitation, print or electronic reproduction, publication or any display of photographs, without the prior written consent of New Pixels Photography. Prints are intended for your personal use only. You may not use or reproduce any product purchased from this website in such a manner as to suggest an affiliation with or endorsement by any product, person or entity that is not affiliated with you. You also agree not to modify, alter or otherwise manipulate any product, including without limitation, adding other material to any product without New Pixels Photography prior written consent.

2) Copyright

a) The copyright and all other rights in any Photos taken remain the property of the Photographer and the user acknowledges that any Photos taken at the event may be used by the Photographer for advertising, competitions or promotional purposes.

b) Following the event, all Photos will be uploaded to a gallery to be viewed by the Client and their customers. It is the customers responsibility to inform the Photographer if they require any Photos to be removed from the online viewing gallery.

3. Disclaimers.
New Pixels Photography will not be responsible or liable for any damages of any kind including, without limitation, lost business or profits, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, compensatory, exemplary, special or punitive damages that may result from your access to or use of either this website or the photographs, digital images or other products.

4. Indemnification.

In the event that you reproduce, display, transmit, distribute or otherwise exploit the photographs or other products, or any portion thereof, in any manner not authorised by New Pixels Photography, you agree to indemnify and hold New Pixels Photography, harmless against any losses, expenses, costs or damages, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by them as a result of unauthorized use of the photographys, physical prints or other products and/or your breach of this terms of this Agreement.

5. Refund and Replacement Policy

If you found what you have received is not what you ordered, or is defective in any way New Pixels Photography is happy to replace the product. 
Please email within 7 days after you have received the item and let us know what items are incorrect or defective. We will reply with instructions for the return and replacement of the incorrect or defective product.
Examples of products can be previewed on the website. Refunds or replacement will not be made where products are supplied in the form shown on the preview.
All images are available on the website prior to purchase. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that they are purchasing the correct product, both with regard to content, form and quantity. No refund or replacement will be made where the product is supplied as ordered by the purchaser.
Digital photo orders will not be refunded unless the download is found to have a technical fault that is under the control of New Pixels Photography.

6. Other Terms.

New Pixels Photography reserve the right to make changes to the website, this Agreement, and the other information contained in this webite at any time and without notice. Please refer to these User Terms when you visit the site as they may change from time to time.

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